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Bulk order face masks

Can’t find facemasks in stores? Still, waiting for your online order to arrive? Wanna post some back home for your family and friends? If you are interested to get some…

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PE (Primary) – Character Strengths

In Primary PE, we have identified the 10 Character Strengths that we feel are displayed/or should be displayed the most and are incorporating these into our lessons. We are using…

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Students working together

This book Christmas tree was made by my LT group. It took teamwork and discussion to make what looks to be something quite simple, but isn’t. A great spin off…

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Reviewing the class Essential Agreement

As part of the process in building positive relationships and reestablishing classroom expectations in the transition of a new classroom teacher for 4KSE, I thought it would be helpful to…

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Chinese: Character Strength with Year 2

1. Talk about students’ own character strength. 2. what character strength can you see from other people. (Draw and tell) 3. How to show kindness to people by using character…

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Being intentional about Kindness (and accountable)

As part of our preparations for World Kindness Day, 3KWD set some intentions for doing acts of Kindness on the day and beyond. We talked about our initial ideas in…

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Poster of Characters strength in Chinese story

Y4 Chinese pathway three students were learning Chinese stories. The students found out the main characters’ strength then made posters.

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Strengths to support skill building

Who is your partner and which element of the SEARCH framework have they been working on? Gillian Whittaker   What was their goal and how does it relate to their…

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The power of buddies

Never underestimate the power of the relationships between buddies. 6ASD and 1NKH have been purposeful and intentional in ensuring regular (weekly/every second week minimum) sessions together, often based around areas…

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LDT Positivity Portfolios

The idea for this came from a Professional Development day led by Kristy Elliott ‘ Positive Education & Restorative Practice – A symbiotic approach to wellbeing in schools’. This year…