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Brain Breaks and Circle Time in Chinese Class

In Primary Chinese Classes, students have used different brain breaks to help us refocus. In Y6 PW2 classes, we use Taichi movements as a brain break in between activities.…

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Students working together

This book Christmas tree was made by my LT group. It took teamwork and discussion to make what looks to be something quite simple, but isn’t. A great spin off…

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LDT Positivity Portfolios

The idea for this came from a Professional Development day led by Kristy Elliott ‘ Positive Education & Restorative Practice – A symbiotic approach to wellbeing in schools’. This year…

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Working closely with my Y12 IBDP/CP Theatre students as we explore what perseverance is. We are tackling their first final assessed task and looking at how they cope with their…

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Dionne Lashley Implementing VWB Practices – Year 8