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  • Can’t find facemasks in stores?
  • Still, waiting for your online order to arrive?
  • Wanna post some back home for your family and friends?
If you are interested to get some face masks and found it difficult or expensive to buy in Hong Kong or your amazon order is still not yet here, I am happy to help.
Please kindly fill in the Google Form by 28 March and I will bulk order from the supplier. 
I ordered 80 boxes and will be arriving in late March and will make the next order on 1st April which shall arrive on 7th April.
Please understand this is a kind gesture and the price is how much the supplier charges me. I am ordering in bulk to get competitive price and save stress and time. People are now selling $400-$500 on Carousell.
Details for the Face Masks:
Brand: Yokoisada  (Official site in English: https://www.nippon-mask.co.jp/en/)
Quantity: 50pc in one box
Price: HKD$280 (roughly HKD$5.6 per pc)
Face Mask Size: 90mm x 175mm
Layers: 3 ply
Made in Philippines
Quality: BFE 99%, VFE 99%, PFE 99%
(This is equivalence to ASTM Level 3)
What is BFE, VFE, PFE?
BFE – Bacterial Filtration Efficiency
VFE – Viral Filtration Efficiency
PFE – Particulate Filtration Efficiency

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