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Year 1 and Emotional Management

Year 1 have used the book ‘Fergal is Fuming’ to work through what strategies help us get back to the Green Zone. Students can now identify strategies that work for…

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Calm Schools – free mindfulness training

The Calm Schools Initiative is offering every teacher free mindfulness training. Numerous studies have shown the many benefits of teaching mindfulness to children. Through mindfulness education, kids can develop a…

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Student well-being scale

Who is your partner and which element of the SEARCH framework have they been working on? Michael Fraser.   What was their goal and how does it relate to their…

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Journey with Visible Wellbeing – Y13

Who is your partner and which element of the SEARCH framework have they been working on? Danny. Emotional Management. Teaching Inquiry. What was their goal and how does it…

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Unpacking Emotional Management in Y3

Back in October, we were lucky enough to unpack the SEARCH framework with the support of our Teacher Librarian, Leanne Sercombe, using hexagonal thinking. The students put single thoughts and…

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Movement breaks

LDT Movement breaks are aimed at teaching students greater self-awareness and self-control regarding sensory-regulation/self-regulation/ and emotional regulation. They provide positive emotions and an opportunity to build positive relationships with others….

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Y5 Wellbeing Wednesdays

Y5 have been working on building in a wellbeing session every Wednesday morning. We started off with discussions about wellbeing and prompting the students to think about gratitude, to take…

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Humility….haha more like a Safe Space

Art students feel relaxed and confident to dress up in things they find in the art room and I have created a safe space for them to be themselves and…

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LDT student ‘check in’

One-to-one LDT intervention sessions often begin with a ‘check in’ activity; e.g. the student drawing their facial expression or an emoji, body map, completing a Y-chart, or drawing an animal…

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Emotional Management

Danny Shih – With a refreshing experience of learning in an outdoor environment, though overwhelmed by the paper 2 assessment the follow day, as well as tons of IAs deadlines,…