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Bulk order face masks

Can’t find facemasks in stores? Still, waiting for your online order to arrive? Wanna post some back home for your family and friends? If you are interested to get some…

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Building Resilience to Cope – Y6 Camp

For the last few year’s Lawrence has led an activity on Y6 Camp that focuses on Coping.¬† The activity involves students on the tent camping site being spaced at 10m…

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Y13 Coping with study stress

Daniel Hansson and I are running 6 sessions on study and revision skills in the 6 weeks leading up to their mock exams. Sessions cover time management, coping with stress,…

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Knowledge of the brain to inform Coping Skills

Using the book ‘Your Fantastic Elastic Brain, Y1 have been learning about parts of the brain with the aim of connecting the ability to make decisions when you’re calm (green…

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Yr. 8 Peer feedback

Towards the end of an art task. ¬†Students lay out their work and based on criteria and to encourage peers, students write on a post it to help resolve the…

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Working closely with my Y12 IBDP/CP Theatre students as we explore what perseverance is. We are tackling their first final assessed task and looking at how they cope with their…

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Claire Neale Year 13 LAs and Dean – VWB Practices

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Joanne Li As part of first LT Unit, “Preparing for Success”, Y8 learning teams worked on a chart to brainstorm “what causes stress for me and how do I respond?”…