Being intentional about Kindness (and accountable)

As part of our preparations for World Kindness Day, 3KWD set some intentions for doing acts of Kindness on the day and beyond. We talked about our initial ideas in circle time and then write down our good intentions on hearts and made a display.
There was a deep discussion around acts of kindness that were meaningful and involved us making a particular effort for someone else. We discussed doing acts of kindness that perhaps we did not always do or not as often as we could. It was quite challenging to illicit authentic acts that involve a special effort (and not just things that kind people do all the time).
I was blown away by the depth of the pledges made by my class. The discussion afterwards, when they had had a chance to deliver on some of their acts of kindness was wonderful, and some of the students showed such joy in their faces when they retold the effects of their kindness on others. This is the kind of ripple effect we are aiming for with Kindness at DC.

Kim Ward


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