Journey with Visible Wellbeing – Y13

Who is your partner and which element of the SEARCH framework have they been working on?

Danny. Emotional Management. Teaching Inquiry.

What was their goal and how does it relate to their chosen element of SEARCH?

To manage the emotion of DP students to reduce stress of their IB exam.

In which practice context was their goal applicable (e.g. did they work with a particular class, group or setting) and how did they establish an understanding of this context prior to taking action?

Y13 Chinese LL. Danny understands the emotion of students from student voice, informal conversations and his observations.

What actions did they take?

He tried to let his class to move away from the usual learning environment. He took his class outside into the sunshine to further their learning.

There were two parallel Learning Intentions, one of which was about understanding the use of surrealism in Murakami’s text and the other was about understanding how paying attention to the world around us through ‘See, Hear, Feel’ can open us up to positive experiences and help us to manage emotions. As students studied outdoors, Danny led the class to recognise what they saw, heard and felt about the environment around them. The students saw no walls around them, seeing and appreciating the green plants and the blue sky instead, they heard birds singing and Jazz music playing from the lower floor. They felt the warmth of the sun.

Danny did this a few more times with some adjustments for the classroom setting/physical environment.

What information did they gather to understand the impact of their actions? What does this information say about the impact, particularly on wellbeing?

Positive feedback are given by students both verbally and hand written. It was quite effective according to Danny’s observation. Students were more engaged and happy.

What are your partner’s next steps from this point?

He will continue to use the same strategy for the Chinese LL DP students.

Who else within the College could benefit from the outcomes of this work? What key takeaways can you identify that could usefully be applied elsewhere?

All teachers who teach DP classes. In order for students to be engaged and participated in a class, it is important to manage their emotions and have a good teacher-student relationship.

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