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Unpacking Emotional Management in Y3

Back in October, we were lucky enough to unpack the SEARCH framework with the support of our Teacher Librarian, Leanne Sercombe, using hexagonal thinking. The students put single thoughts and…

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The power of buddies

Never underestimate the power of the relationships between buddies. 6ASD and 1NKH have been purposeful and intentional in ensuring regular (weekly/every second week minimum) sessions together, often based around areas…

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Getting Parents Involved

Another example of using See, Hear, Feel was explored last week at the Primary Student-Led Conferences. I created an opportunity for the parents to offer feedback within the framework of…

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Movement breaks

LDT Movement breaks are aimed at teaching students greater self-awareness and self-control regarding sensory-regulation/self-regulation/ and emotional regulation. They provide positive emotions and an opportunity to build positive relationships with others….

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Y5 Wellbeing Wednesdays

Y5 have been working on building in a wellbeing session every Wednesday morning. We started off with discussions about wellbeing and prompting the students to think about gratitude, to take…

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LDT Positivity Portfolios

The idea for this came from a Professional Development day led by Kristy Elliott ‘ Positive Education & Restorative Practice – A symbiotic approach to wellbeing in schools’. This year…

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Y1 Exploring Character Strengths

Books are always a great way for exploring concepts. One activity that was successful both for talking about character strengths and for identifying the purpose of a story was a…

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Y2 Indoor Gardening Space

The Y2 children have been getting their hands dirty and doing some gardening during our Community Learning. We have been planting different herbs and vegetables that we can hopefully harvest…

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Y2 Reflecting on Strengths in our learning

As part of their preparation for Student Led Conferences students were asked to reflect on the strengths they use in their learning. They also considered how they might need to…

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Strength Spotting in Year 4

During morning meetings and circle times, students in Year 4 spend time spotting the strengths they see their classmates using.  These students, and their actions, are recognised and celebrated.