I&S Action Plan

The I&S department recently changed the structure of the research action plan that students need to complete as part of their Criteria B. Grant Altoft asked for students to provide feedback in order to increase student awareness about their learning needs and allow the department to best support them with their learning outcomes.

A student reflected:

“At first I thought the action plan was not going to be useful at all for me and that it was just something that I had to complete, but as I continued to work through the action plan, it actually helped me to go step by step through the whole assessment, especially when it came to researching and recording notes. I found that this was the first action plan that has actually benefited my way of learning. In the future I hope to use these types of action plans compared to the ones we used to use on Google Doc or on Word, as I enjoyed planning and researching with the help of this action plan”

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