Emotional Management

Danny Shih –

With a refreshing experience of learning in an outdoor environment, though overwhelmed by the paper 2 assessment the follow day, as well as tons of IAs deadlines, My Y13 Chinese Language and Literature students were able to FEEL the warmth(perhaps a bit hot) of the sun, HEAR the bird’s singing, along with the Jazz music, SEE no confined grey wall in the classroom but the green plants and the blue sky, which allowed them to be more immersed and perhaps a better understanding of the surrealistic world created by Haruki Murakami in the prescribed text. It also evidenced that learning can be happening not only in the classroom but also in any places in school. And the picture below is a good representation of their true EMOTION after the lesson. And it also surprised me that “circle time” type of learning do apply to not only the primary but also the DP students.

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